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Though this school year is projected to be different from any other, together, we will continue our tradition of providing an outstanding education to our students and quality service to our families. I am truly honored to continue leading the Munford community for the 2021-22 school year with support from Ms. Miller, Ms. Gordon, Ms. Carlotti and the many wonderful teachers and support staff.

We have accomplished so much as a school community and will continue to do so. After a year of virtual learning, we are back in person, but it is still a different classroom and school experience.  This new learning model does not need to be a barrier, but instead will serve as an opportunity to change our mindset as it relates to the delivery of instruction and engaging students in learning.

This year, we are very much looking forward to providing exceptional educational experiences for our students.  We want our students to LOVE learning and LOVE coming to school.  With your help, we can instill life-long values in our students to work hard, exceed expectations, be kind to others, and to appreciate their education.

Though we are forced to adapt our teaching and learning methods to address the conditions of the pandemic, our support for our students and families remains the same, and we will do everything in our power to keep our students thriving. 

Greg Muzik, Principal


Sametrian Miller,  Assistant Principal


Mary Munford Elementary School
211 Westmoreland Street
Richmond, VA 23226